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So tomorrow I leave for the UK for a couple weeks. I’ll be visiting Brit-Cit, Cal-Hab, and Murphyville (anyone? Reference here. Anyone?) and probably mutilating women of the night in Whitechapel. Wish me luck. The rest of the guys will continue to provide the same quality of great blogging Comicnoize is known for. Here’s a […]

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Your Last Chance To Be the Superhero Known as “Santa”

Quick! Before this auction ends and Christmas ends, grab this weird-as-shit book up! It features the ever-lovin’ Thing working with a very strange-looking version of Ghost Rider to (apparently) bring peace to a very stereotypical rendition of the holy land. How can you beat that?! Check those white arabs and the tacked-on Middle Eastern architecture! […]

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Lest We Forget

Yesterday Marvel announced their upcoming event Fear Itself to much (any?) fanfare. Details are hazy at this time as are general ideas and even the vaguest conception of it aside from “it will involve Marvel characters, likely facing a struggle of some kind, with conflicts of some sort sprinkled throughout.” But we can all be […]

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Market Forces Are More Powerful Than Terrigen Mists

I’m pretty rough on the Big Two for diluting the racks with superfluous titles made to cash-in on the readership of the core books. For example, Thor has a movie coming out so there’s more interest in him as a character right now than there has been in years. What’s the response from corporate? Churn […]

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Dairy Products That Have Been Bad For 20 Years

I’ve posted up auctions of Evan Dorkin material in the past, and will continue to do so until there’s nothing left but animation cells from his time working for Yo Gabba Gabba. Dorkin has had a long and varied career, but Milk & Cheese is arguably his most iconic creation. Dairy products that stab people, […]

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Color Me Impressed

Before we go any further: Buy this. I don’t normally tell people straight out to buy the auctions we post up here on Comic Noize. We trust you can tell the difference between items that you should scoop up and the stuff that is just fun to read about. I suggest you click all of […]

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Tracing Your Steps

Let me start this post by stating I have no issue with heavy use of references, obviously lightboxing, or straight-up tracing. Ultimately, I don’t care what route you take to get there as long as the destination is “visually appealing with solid storytelling”. That’s it. Provided the final product looks good and reads well, you […]

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Not so Maximum.

Disclaimer – I have a huge collection of trade paperbacks / graphic novels / whatever you want to call them. This includes some great, some good, and some very bad. I was recently traveling and there’s no better time to plug your headphones in, pull out a trade and re-read then on a plane. Talk […]

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Ghost Riding the Information Superhighway

It’s rare that I presume to be too busy or important for something. I’ll give hours of my time true nonsense. I’ll read the Wikipedia entries for Seven Mary Three and Timecop, watch Youtube videos of fat people falling, and have full conversations with other people’s dogs. My time is not valuable. But I draw […]

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Two pieces of currently low priced original art for you on this Thursday afternoon. A nice prelim for Carlos Pacheco’s cover to Ultimate Avengers #2, and an original page from What If: The Punisher Killed Daredevil, a comic that I actually owned when I was in junior high, and didn’t fully appreciate until I re-read […]

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