John Knows Man-Thing

Let’s take a second and step away from Man-Thing team-ups (great idea for a new title. Marvel, take note.) and take a gander at this beautiful piece of Man-Thing related work. You didn’t think I was jumping off Man-Thing’s jock, did you? This is all Man-Thing, all week.

This is a John Buscema and Tom Sutton page from Man-Thing issue thirteen. I can’t tell if this is poorly scanned or if I have vision problems, but I recognize the awesome nature of the art regardless. When I compare John Buscema to someone with a really modern style, say a Joe Mad for example, I can understand how a little kid could find John passe. But only a little kid. Once you’ve been reading comics for awhile, you start to recognize just how superhumanly solid this dude was on thousands of pages. Here, in a page featuring Man-Thing fighting pirates across the expanse of space-time as he travels through the Nexus of All Realities (if I’m remembering this issue correctly) we have more attention given to the grain of the wood on the ship than many modern day artists would assign to their entire book (though we can probably thank Tom Sutton for that… whatever let’s just say both dudes were A-gamers.). And Man-Thing! Let’s talk about this Man-Thing. It’s the more slender version of Thang with some great moss/swamp-grass giving him definition. A great rendition. This is a definite Christmas gift to myself contender.

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