Soft but Defined.

It’s not an easy thing to describe illustration all the time. Sometimes the answers scream out at you, and others you have to really search for what you’re seeing. Terry Dodson is the weird example where both statements above are true.

His style has both a very soft effect as well as being very smooth and defined. Perhaps its the very skilled use of differentiated line style – he makes a wonderful use of outlining bold lines to make them pop from the page. You can see this on this original art page on Emma Frost.

Early on in his career he got a shot on some pretty big books, and I was always aware and interested, but the book that has somehow still resonated is his X-Men Chronicles work. Howard Mackie wrote two excellent issues that fleshed out the world of the Age of Apocalypse. In the first issue (illustrated by Dodson) Mackie detailed the death of Wanda Maximoff, the daughter of Magneto, and, y’know, the Scarlet Witch. Dodson’s style has truly evolved, but stayed in a very interesting and soft line style that I think makes his work stand out from the pack. The second issue of the X-Men Chronicles, also part of the set below, is drawn by a near polar opposite but still very interesting artist, Ian Churchill. While I can’t necessarily say much for his proportions, I always enjoyed his detail.

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