Half Effort

You know me. I try to put the time and effort into a good post. A little research, dash of passion, and BLAM! the site becomes a daily destination for you, the reader. But today I saw something I couldn’t get excited for. Something so anemic and underwhelming, it almost crossed the line into impressive. Almost. Instead, I dozed off and woke up looking at the same crappy toy in the same poorly put-together auction.

Check out this turd. Hydroman. Already one of the least remarkable villains on the Marvel single issue throwaway battle go-to list, this toy seems to really underscore just how lame this MF’er really is. Or it could be this auction, which goes to zero effort to sell this thing. Heads up, when attempting to sell something with no value or appeal, it might behoove you to point out the few good qualities it does have. Or use nightclub lighting. Or lie.

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