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I Wonder

I certainly read this issue. I think I read the first ten issues. I don’t remember a single thing about this series. I’ve also never heard anyone talk about this series. I’ve seen a lot of misdirected nostalgia towards books that are a million times worse than this one. Is being utterly forgettable worse than […]

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Great Rhino, Garbage Mysterio.

Spider-Man is magical, I think most comic fans will agree. The formula was simple, and executed perfectly from the start – a simple everyman with a moral compass with just enough pratfalls and tragedy… voila. Amazing. But as such simple formulas tend, the dust of the years has occasionally not been so friendly to Peter […]

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Apples and Oranges and a Few Decades In-between

So after gushing over that Buscema/Sutton piece a few posts ago, I’d like to offer something entirely different. Now, I understand this page is meant to convey something entirely different from the Man-Thing page. I also respect Humberto Ramos and am not trying to blow a single lackluster page out of proportion. That said, this […]

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A tale of two Bagley pages…

Two original art pieces here from Mark Bagley, the Cal Ripken of mainstream comics. An artist who’s style is and always has been very smooth, clean, and detailed without needing too much in the way of superfluous line work. He’s evolved a little bit over the years, but he’s got a trademark style that is […]

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Enjoy your meal; be it turkey, tofurkey, duck triplets, or intelligent ape baby.

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John Knows Man-Thing

Let’s take a second and step away from Man-Thing team-ups (great idea for a new title. Marvel, take note.) and take a gander at this beautiful piece of Man-Thing related work. You didn’t think I was jumping off Man-Thing’s jock, did you? This is all Man-Thing, all week. This is a John Buscema and Tom […]

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Warren Ellis, Excalibur

Been doing what I can to catch up on some comic reading, especially with a couple of stressful weeks under my belt at work and dealing with car problems. One of the books I got to was this, the first collection of Excalibur written by Warren Ellis. What’s interesting is how much of the Excalibur […]

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Man-Thing Has Many Friends

Man-Thing is a man about town. He likes to dip in on other heros and say what’s up. Over the next couple days I’m going to explore a nice smattering of Man-Thing cameos. I should preface this by saying most of the appearances my man makes are of the truly pointless variety. Often someone will […]

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Brooklyn Monster Factory

I recently received an email from Mike of Brooklyn Monster Factory. Sad to say, but these dudes had to close their doors not that long ago. Shitty, very much a bummer. And now Mike is left with a ton of old stock. This is where you come in. If you need old issues, trades or […]

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Random Comic Book Friday!

Pretty easy RCBF today, as the first two things that pop up in my search of the words “comic book” are straight up comic books; one a lot and one a single issue: Two things: 1. I hope that’s not Destro. 2. Yes, who or what IS Sunset Grace? I’ve never even HEARD of that […]

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