Old Man Wolverine

I think I’ve effused love for this storyline previously, but it finally hit the shelves as a collection and figured this is a good opportunity to get it out to those who prefer the format with a spine as opposed to the floppies.

A total masturbatory future/alternate world story, it’s almost hard to write one of these that isn’t fun – but it’s happened enough that when it’s done right it should still be noted. Millar did very well in the same way that a good pop song hits you on the radio. The song hits all the right notes, good cadence, simple, and instantly memorable. Millar didn’t attempt to squeeze too much minutia or detail into the book, using allusion as opposed to elaboration to get to his ends. It’s one of the keys to quality writing, but especially in the visual story telling world. With a book, you read and paint the picture in your own mind. Comics give you the picture too… so if there’s no gaps for your mind to explore, the book leaves nowhere to roam outside the frame. Old Man Logan nailed this.

Oh and Steve McNiven is the king of the mountain of artists these days. Perfect tone and pacing,  and the graphic finale of this story matched that ‘instantly memorable’ quality that Millar set throughout.

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