Deadpool x Joe Mad x Original Art

I don’t think anyone here is a big Deadpool fan, but I see his value. Maybe not even that – I see his potential. But right now, he’s the equivalent of food options on a cross country drive. You know there’s amazing food somewhere, and you want it, but all you are seeing are McDonald’s and Subway. No one’s doing the work to make this character more than a literal idiot babble stream of thought. But – the sales are there, so who am I?

Anyways, this is one of the best original art piece auctions I’ve ever seen. With two days left, it’s still at a very reasonable price, and it has a potentially awesome feature for presentation. You get the original Joe Madureira pencils, Joe Rubinstein inking, and Laura colors – so you get the entire work as it moves through the traditional comic art process. I could see this being put into a three panel frame, pencils to the left, inked work in the middle, and the final colored piece to the right.

If you are a fan of original art, you must see the auction. So cool.

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