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When I was young, my folks gave me money for a Nintendo. I don’t remember much from my childhood, but I remember this. It was the most money I had ever held and I was shocked my parents allowed me walk to the toy store by myself carrying that sort of loot. At the store, […]

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The Parker Portfolio.

If you don’t know by now, I am a HUGE fan of Richard Stark’s Parker, and thus am also a HUGE fan of Darwyn Cooke’s excellent adaptions. So naturally, I am constantly searching for old versions of the Parker novels. Last night, however, when I entered my customary search for “Stark, Parker”, these popped up: […]

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Scarlet WITCH, dudes.

Yes, magic is cool. But aren’t there some clear definitions of good / bad in magic? Like… Wizardc generally good, Warlock generally bad. Sorceress generally good, Witch generally bad. So… 1. Magneto’s daughter 2. former member of the Brotherhood of EVIL Mutants 3. She calls herself the Scarlet WITCH 4. Married a ROBOT Pretty much, […]

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Jungle Fever

Paul Chadwick, my superhero. This is a piece of his personal catalog I almost missed. A 3-D “adult” (?!) fantasy epic about an amnesiac jungle woman told in two-issues. It’s Paul’s first paying gig and was written by Steve Perry (not, THAT Steve Perry… I think) but even without the benefit of Paul’s writing, this […]

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Speaking of FOOM…

How can I say FOOM without thinking of the great Fin Fang Foom? Two items for everyone’s favorite eternal dragon.. 1. Modern. Anyone read this? Worth checking out? Hulk v. Foom sounds good and almost fool proof, but let’s not be too optimistic. The cover is at least promising. 2. Classic. IT! The Living Colossus. […]

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Friends Of Ol’ Marvel

The best company produced fan magazine ever? Maybe. The 1970’s gave us many amazing things in comics, and though not near the top, FOOM registers. If you need any further evidence, check the covers. Awesome. Nuff Said.

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Just In Case You Needed Your Childhood Memories to be Sexualized

Here you go. In the off-chance you needed to revisit your childhood in a hyper-sexualized and jarringly provocative way, here’s some original art featuring Ursula from The Little Mermaid. Unlike the one in the film who was pushing 300lbs, this Ursula be lookin’ good, sonnnnn. Next up, I’ll scour Ebay for original comic art featuring […]

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Rocket Blastin’

Recently, I was asked to contribute to a comic zine. As I’ve said in previous posts, I come from a punk background where zines range from engaging to unbelievably dull and self-involved. Based on the people involved, I think the zine will be great, but I’ll stand ever-vigilant to ensure it doesn’t go down that […]

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Saga of the Soft Cover.

You’d think a hardcover collection of Alan Moore’s run on Swamp Thing would be a no brainer. Sad to say, however, these are not all that good. Instead of good quality pages that bring out the nuances of Stephen Bissette’s pencils and John Totleben’s inks, we get paper pages more akin to that of the […]

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The Flash. Why Not?

There is no Marvel character that captures the vibe of one of DC’s finest, The Flash. Spider-Man comes close, but not quite there. Wally West (my personal favorite Flash) somehow became the heart of gold, even when standing next to other icons like Superman – he was the standout ‘right is right’ of the team. […]

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