Marc Silvestri Messin’ With My Head, Man

Every time Marc Silvestri comes up I think I hate him for some reason. I don’t know why that is. Did he do something to me? It’s really irrational. I always dismiss his work offhand without reminding myself that he draws Reavers better than any man who ever lived.

When I came across this auction, I thought, “look at that shitty grimace on that stock face he somehow saw fit to shit onto the page.” I hated him. Then I looked at it more closely, and yeah, Angel does suffer from Liefeld-face, but there is a ton more artistry here than I initially gave him credit for. Under a microscope this stuff is good. Most artists, it goes the other way. At a glance they rule and upon further inspection they truly suck. For me, Silvestri has the opposite effect. Marc plays games with me, man.

Another interesting thing about this auction: This page is on Image paper. I had no idea they had their own paper. But this was probably back when they were printing their own money so there may be an Image Comics submarine or Image Comics lighthouse out there for all I know.

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