I’ll Need to See Some Verification

Oh, what do we have here? An original piece of art by Rob Liefeld. I would list his credits, but no need. He had his own Levi’s television spot back in the day. He’s like Snoopy or the Phillie Phanatic- he transcends his assigned role and takes his place as a member of the pop-culture pantheon. Yes, a very fine piece here. It’s of his very clever and original character “Shaft”, a member of the also very clever and original superhero team “Youngblood”. The fact that an arrow shaft appears to be coming out of his finger instead of from between them indicates this is an authentic Liefeld original. I’ll take it!

Wait. What’s this? Excuse me, what is this? Is this a… foot? It’s almost convincing as a human appendage. THIS CANNOT BE THE WORK OF ROBERT LIEFELD! Get out of my office, charlatan! Your fraudulent art is not welcome here! Everyone knows Rob Liefeld can’t draw feet! It’s his signature! Tell-tale evidence of the master’s work! Out! And take this phony-baloney piece with you!

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