Top 100 Summer Comics #5

Sometimes the most memorable issues are merely for sentimental value. For example, this issue was the first Silver Surfer comic I purchased, but I would say the most memorable part was my introduction to artist Ron Lim.

#5 – Silver Surfer 19

Ron Lim was in my opinion the Dr. J to Jim Lee’s Michael Jordan – his clean style and sharp angular jaw lines were a real foresight into the style of the ’90s… but Lim was doing it in 1985. No one has ever drawn a better Silver Surfer, and in this issue, a throwdown with Firelord, he puts that on a showcase. I think if a comic book artist can be in the “No one drew _______ better than him” argument, then they most definitely deserve some recognition.

Why is there no comic book hall of fame?!

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