Thank God It’s Man-Thing! Right? I mean, you worked hard all week- you deserve a little Man-Thing for your efforts! Man-Thing is such a “take it easy, open the cooler and just enjoy the afternoon on this pontoon boat” sort of dude Friday is naturally HIS day.

Here’s some art from Man-Thing #1 (vol.2) by Jim Mooney and Bob Wiacek. They lasted three issues before there was a creative overhaul and these issues aren’t remembered all that fondly. But that seems to have to more to do with Michael Fleisher’s writing direction than the art team (Mooney had worked on Vol.1 without fan complaint) . Regardless, even the dark points of Man-Thing’s history are worth framing. Mike Fleisher, by the way, now an anthropologist working in Africa. Mooney passed on to the swamplands in the sky and Wiacek is still doing his thing. Man-Thing? Still rules.

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