Top 100 Summer Comics #14

I’ve mentioned Acts of Vengeance enough on here that really, I need to recommend you check it out. Marvel is putting out an omnibus so I’ll get that up at some point. But this corner of the meta-crossover was so good I often forget it was even consider a part of it.

#14 – Uncanny X-Men 256

This is by far the coolest the Mandarin has ever been. Claremont and this newbie artist by the name of JIM LEE just upped the ante on the whole game with this 3 issue jaunt. Psylocke returns as a crazy ninja assassin and Wolverine is trying to get her back, despite looking like a Jersey Shore cast member trying to wake up at 7 am. Not pretty.

The best part about all this? Not surprisingly, Lee’s pencils were absolutely on point. The tone and imaging of the book resonates so well that the story was leaping off the pages. A great story that was just taken another step by the visual – perfect example of the validity and value of comic books in the literary marketplace.

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  1. xjasonx24
    Posted September 6, 2010 at 1:22 pm | Permalink

    Still have this issue to this day, it’s pretty beaten up and read through, I don’t care, it’s such a classic issue. The only thing holding it back is that Robi…err Jubilee is just so awful in it. Best scenes are witht the ghost version of Nick Fury and Carol Danvers, so great!

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