Top 100 Summer Comics #17

For reasons now lost to memory, for the past four days I’ve had a wikipedia tab opened on my safari browser to the entry on Shinobi Shaw. I don’t know why. Throw me a Delorean and I’ll go back and ask Tuesday Bob, for now, I’m not questioning it. Just embracing.

#17 – X-Factor 67

Whilce Portacio kills in this issue. My copy of this was traced about a thousand times – and afterwards I was still not much of a better artist. However what sells this story on top of that are 1) Inhumans 2) Apocalypse before he became ’90s played out 3) Portacio’s Iceman was the best 4) Shinobi Shaw.

I guess this is father v. son week in the summer hundred, because I can’t think of a better “Hey dad!” moment then Shinobi Shaw buying out his father’s company, ruining his financial profile, implying that his colleague (a fat fat gross dude by the name of Harry Leland) was his actual father… and then using his mutant ability to give him a heartattack.

Talk about angst.

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