Top 100 Summer Comics #18

Spider-Man is a great super-hero. I think, that as time goes by, he will age better than other super hero titans Batman and Superman.

Why? He’s dynamic. Very dynamic. Think about this – Batman is a loner, dark, and edgy. When he’s played anything else, it either comes off campy or just straight up stupid. Doesn’t work.

Superman is slightly less pigeon holed in the tone department, and the darker, isolated angle of Superman is rarely played up. What detaches him from the audience is his near omnipotence. At one point (multiple points?) DC has had to reign in the spectrum of his power to give him boundaries.

#18 – Web of Spider-Man 60

This was reflected during the Acts of Vengeance crossover very well. The myriad of villains he was faced with somehow worked really well. While other results varied from mediocre (to be honest, a lot) to zany (Fantastic Four) to surprisingly cool (Captain America v. Magneto), Spider-Man faced a handful of b-rate villains and somehow it didn’t fall to far from his results with his normal stable of villains. Strong era for Web of… and I loved this issue. Always partial to Goliath as a villain. Love to see him revisited with this look and maybe a slight “gigantic-human-with-a-grudge-and-a-rage-on” decimation of some midwestern towns.

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