Seduction of the Willing

A good chunk of the people I follow on Twitter are comic book professionals. It’s interesting to see what they opt to reveal and what they choose to keep close to the chest. It’s especially gratifying to see them bicker. They spend a lot of time they could be writing, penciling, inking, or coloring, talking about who is to blame for the shrinking comic book market. They like to blame pirates, but they most like to blame each other. A finger is constantly being pointed at the Big Two for not offering enough all-ages reading options. Some of these people actually believe that kids want to read books aimed at kids.

Here’s my argument against that nonsense. The Punisher was the most badass character I could find on the racks at Fay’s Drugstore when I was prepubescent. So I loved him. By the time his self-titled book debuted he was the vanguard of scandalous shit at Marvel. Not only did he shoot people in the head with BULLETS, he also got laid once every 30 issues. He was a violent, malicious, asshole way before Garth Ennis made him a violent, malicious boardwalk caricature.

Kids don’t want to read things aimed at kids. They want to be adults. Make children’s comics and do an alright business with libraries, but you won’t see kids picking those books up at the comic shop. Kids want blood, sex, and swears.

Here’s one of the three (?) Mike Zeck posters from the Punisher’s halcyon days. This is one that does not feature blood, but if I was 9 years-old I think blood would be a major improvement. Pick this up and frame it.

Spoiler Alert: Want to know why the comics market is decreasing? Because all forms of entertainment are crushed by new forms of entertainment. Comics are now for people who love comics, not for someone who requires yet another entertainment option. Is that really a turn for the worse? I couldn’t say, but unless one of these creators has the power to stop cable television and video games from being produced, I think they should realign their thinking.

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