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Break Out the Peyote, Going On a Vision Quest

The Vision is an interesting character. He’s like Spock- we shouldn’t be able to relate to him, but we can’t help it. Being perfectly logical and making sense is cool when you live in a world filled with insane villains and your best friends wear weird outfits despite not having secret identities worth protecting. So […]

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Giant Comic Lots.

See these three Hulk comics? They’re just the tip of the iceberg. What we’ve got here is a lot of comics. A lot of 1,173 comics, to be exact. Plenty of really good stuff in there too, including plenty of first appearances. The price is already over 3,000, and I’m sure it will go higher. […]

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Good Morning Comic Noize!

Think about how great your day would be if you had been woken up by the dulcet tones put out by this vintage Batman and Robin alarm clock! Robin: Time to GET UP and out of bed! Batman: Good boy Robin, very well said! No cup of coffee could be stronger.

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The Power of Merlin Compels You

If I’m going to give my life to Christ, I want it to be under the mentorship of a man named after a 12th Century wizard. I’d also like my understanding of that mentors life to come from a 1974 comic book. Merlin R. Carothers is a real person and here, in words and pictures, […]

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If only I had the word…

My love for Rob Liefeld and his misshapen, haphazard, footless art knows no bounds. I have 35 copies of X-Force #1, all of the trading cards, and have only opened one copy. I’ve even favorited hisLevis commercial on youtube. But I need to proclaim this. Publicly, preferably in t-shirt format. And if possible, some sort […]

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Putting the US back in U.S.A.

A Norse God, an Alcoholic, an Eastern European Mutant, and a 93 year old from Brooklyn walk onto an alien collective brain. What do they do? Well, they throw up the American flag and start killing alien soldiers, der! A great Mike Zeck piece where you get to see a Romita influence in his pencils […]

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Halloween’s right around the corner.

They’re doing great things with costumes these days, adult and kid alike. There’s little excuse to do a bad job on a costume if you’re going to do it. You can go all out, get creative. You’ve got the lead time. When I have gotten into costume, I usually have done the minimalist thing. I […]

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Marc Silvestri Messin’ With My Head, Man

Every time Marc Silvestri comes up I think I hate him for some reason. I don’t know why that is. Did he do something to me? It’s really irrational. I always dismiss his work offhand without reminding myself that he draws Reavers better than any man who ever lived. When I came across this auction, […]

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Random Comic Book Friday.

So, Adventure Comics starring Superboy? Hey, I can hang with that, bird with super powers and all. But this second random comic for today… not sure what to make of it. Sooooo, it’s called Slow Poke: Sex To Sexty, which is clearly a double entendre, but it’s cover shows nothing but anthropomorphic animals. Uh huh. […]

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Villain makeover needed.

And by makeover I mean… “This could be one of the coolest villains out and he’s not. Someone save him.” THE GRIM REAPER. First off, this shirt is completely unnecessary. But why would they make it? Who wants it? I know I do, but does that make 11 of us? Also, couldn’t they have gone […]

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