Top 100 Summer Comics #22

Things that often don’t work together.

Ghost Rider and super hero teams.

Ghost Rider and crossovers.

Ghost Rider and outer space.

Ghost Rider and the future.

Somehow, four wrongs made a right.

#22 – Guardians of The Galaxy 13

So it’s not the Ghost Rider that you know. Regardless, it shouldn’t work. This story somehow (like much of the Valentino Guardians of the Galaxy run did) managed to be a fun, well crafted story that brought maximum satisfaction. In fact thinking about that, I would say it’s not a stretch to say that Guardians (and their underrated parallel, New Warriors) have held up better than McFarlane’s Spider-Man, Liefeld’s X-Force, or EVEN Jim Lee’s X-Men. Statement of fact. Go back and re-read if you want to argue.

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