Top 100 Summer Comics #23

A very special installment today. An issue that holds a place in my heart for a lot of reasons, and none that particularly extend from the story itself.

#23 – Doctor Strange 2

The cover itself jumps off the rack. It did back then, and it still would today. Love the image, somehow this has always been my favorite cover for any Dr. Strange or Dormammu story, period. I must have read this issue 300 times – but it’s probably been a decade since I last did. Excuse me on that fact. I will say the first 25 or so issues of this, the Dr. Strange series that started in the late ’80s, were excellent. They had a dark edge that made them stand out a bit from the rest of the group at Marvel at the time.

But why I really felt this issue when I came across it was that Dr. Strange was my father’s favorite Marvel character. I remember him being visibly excited when he picked up this issue, having missed the first issue when we had gone to the comic shop the previous month. We wouldn’t go every week, my pops worked way too much for that, and the closest shop was downtown, a solid 20 minute drive for us. But we would go and he would let me pick up just about as many books as I wanted. He would read a lot of them, and he would always talk to me about what was going on if he wasn’t up to date on the latest story.

When I saw him excited for a comic book it must mean that that book was not just good, it was GREAT. And so I read it. And read it. And read it.

I guess what this all comes down to is the importance and influence you can have on a child. I’m not a parent, and have no impending plans on that, but I will never forget what having my father, the person who was without question my best friend and biggest influence, talk to me, encourage me, and engage me in reading. Thanks pa. Miss ya’.

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