Top 100 Summer Comics #28

If there was another Fantastic Four movie, there’s only two conditions under which I will pay to watch it.

1. Complete straight up hard sci- slant, like some straight Greg Bear level of heaviness and galactic implications. Normal version – 3.5 hours. Extended DVD version 5+ hours.

2. If they could get that bunk cast from the first two involved in a movie based LOOSELY on this issue…

#28 – Fantastic Four Annual 23

Movie version: FF return home, but something’s wrong. Little things. They are then attacked by a dated, retro version of themselves, full with grown son Franklin, looking like the loose fitting psycho from this issue, in tow. Make Franklin someone who seems to be teetering on the edge of sanity, searching for his time displaced girlfriend (let it be vague here, no need to drag x-continuity in…) and have some time villain chasing him.

Look, there’s a lot that wouldn’t work in a straight translation. I love Ahab, but he’s not good enough for a movie appearance. How about Kang? No cutesy, sassy , time traveller garbage. I want him to look like his face went through a purple dyed meat grinder. Some loose resolution, a quality Jessica Alba v. Jessica Alba fight, retro garb… it would be awesome.

If you’ve never read this one, please do. Perhaps one of my favorite off kilter stories featuring the FF with a truly great take on insane Franklin.

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