Top 100 Summer Comics #31

Spider-Man was the first Marvel hero to hit supersaturation. In fact, by the early-mid 80’s, Spidey had AMAZING, SPECTACULAR, and WEB OF. Pretty crazy to think about, but he was pretty big. Even Wolverine has never had three on-going series running consecutively – Spider-Man had this for a decade, easy.

That said, occasionally there were some dud storylines. Especially when it comes to the subplots. We’re going to go all Choose Your Own Adventure on this one…

#31 – Spectacular Spider-Man 167

Story 1: Spider-Man fights a character that makes us long for the days of Stilt-Man, he is KNIGHT-FOGG!


Story 2: Mary Jane is seduced by some douche who looks like an all grown up Silver Spoons RIcky Schroeder. Then dramatically rejects him by inviting him over and appearing surrounded by photos of her and her husband while dressed in a gym outfit.

You choose… which is more appealing? Is there a right answer or do both lead to ultimate doom?

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