Top 100 Summer Comics #36

Sunday, let’s completely geek out for a second. Deep breath everyone, I’ll dive in.

#36 – Excalibur 75

SO… Captain Britain had been sucked into the timestream. I want to tell you about it, but if I do you’ll never make it out of this paragraph. Anyways, Excalibur decides to get him back, and lo and behold, Rachel aka Phoenix aka now known as Marvel Girl (III) sacrifices herself. Why not? She came from one alternate timeline (documented well in Days of Future Past and Days of Future Present) and would be split into two timelines here, one being the version who would inevitably make it back to Marvel 616 (main universe) and the other becoming the Mother Askani, where her half-alternate-universe-brother Cable would be sent after being sent to the future, even though that happened a good 4 years (real time) before Rachel was sucked into the timestream. Eventually, Rachel would be both 1) killed by a young Stryfe in 3000 years in the future and 2) sent into outerspace and is now essentially a X-Space Cadet because… well she’s kind of been boring for a decade.

Enjoy your Sunday!!!

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