Top 100 Summer Comics #49

Two-fer today. I zoinked out yesterday. It’s okay.

You know what wasn’t okay? CAPTAIN AMERICA, from about issue 387 to 443. Total garbage. Honestly, killing Steve Rogers was a much more humane and decent treatment compared to the kind of grind he was put through here. It was awful. I think this is where my interest in the Canadian Football League came from – if Captain America was going to suck this much, I’d need to diversify my interest portfolio to some OCONUS activities. Keep my options open.

#49 – Captain America 444

And then a weird thing happened on the way to the Argonauts game (on television). Captain America got good again. REAL good. For a brief sparkle, Mark Waid and Ron Garney stepped to the plate and knocked it out. No surprise, these guys continue to be benchmarks of high quality almost across the board.

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