Top 100 Summer Comics #50

I wanted to do a special issue for #50 of this. Instead, an issue that has all the components of a special issue, but doesn’t quite hit the spot.

#50 – Uncanny X-Men 325

There was a great and highly underrated writer, Scott Lobdell, who wrote 60 or so straight issues of Uncanny, and at the same time threw down a 20 issue run on X-Men on top. If anyone has been forgotten unjustly, it’s Lobdell.

There was the young, trendsetting artist Joe Madureira. Mad was firing on all cylinders with this issue.

There’s an X-Men baseball game – an homage to the olden days, a Claremont era tradition. There’s Morlocks, a whole new batch (I went with the Gremlins reference intentionally).

But for some reason, this one is just real good. Not classic. I think that the problem is there lacks a tension in the issue, that the conflict just isn’t hitting the audience. No major plots were dangling or resolved, and the nu-Morlocks were just half rate. Still, a fun read. I just read it again and continue to scratch my head as to why no collections exist of this era.

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