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Top 100 Summer Comics #20

In the ’90s, Iron Fist was wack. Real wack. He was stuck in the disco era, still rockin’ the open vest, ballerina slippers, and with no writer having ANY idea what to do with him. That said… #20 – Namor 16 John Byrne always did draw a MEAN Danny Rand. I would say in the […]

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Who’s your favorite DC character/s?

If I was asked this question a million times, I would always answer the same. The Metal Men. Must be on a Byrne kick, but damn. This era of Superman was pretty damn good too. But The Metal Men… especially here, this was the one time where I regularly followed and read every Superman comic. […]


Top 100 Summer Comics #21

It’s easy to tell when a series is destined for a short lifespan. Even if it’s critically acclaimed, there’s NO way a Moon Knight series will ever make it past 50 issues. It’s just the way it is. More recently, everyone was treated to the IRON FIST monthly and it ran it’s course in under […]

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The Time Has Come

It’s Monday and that means MORE Auctions From the Dark Underbelly of Original Art! Our weekly installment of sellers plying wares only suitable for weirdos adults. Let’s start with this killer Cheetara piece by Mac. Did you enjoy the cartoon ThunderCats when you were 7 years-old? Do you want to masturbate to those memories? Here’s […]

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Is Issue 2 Too Much To Ask For?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m incredibly psyched to see not one but TWO copies of issue 1 of Monsters Attack up right now, but the issue I’ve been obsessed with tracking down since I was 11 was issue number 2. Monsters Attack was a short lived b/w horror anthology comic magazine in the style of […]

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Top 100 Summer Comics #22

Things that often don’t work together. Ghost Rider and super hero teams. Ghost Rider and crossovers. Ghost Rider and outer space. Ghost Rider and the future. Somehow, four wrongs made a right. #22 – Guardians of The Galaxy 13 So it’s not the Ghost Rider that you know. Regardless, it shouldn’t work. This story somehow […]

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Top 100 Summer Comics #23

A very special installment today. An issue that holds a place in my heart for a lot of reasons, and none that particularly extend from the story itself. #23 – Doctor Strange 2 The cover itself jumps off the rack. It did back then, and it still would today. Love the image, somehow this has […]

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Top 100 Summer Comics #24

A quicky today, my room’s a mess and I can’t get dressed. Gotta get… this post done. #24 – Warlock and the Infinity Watch 1 1. Dig the cover. Powerful Warlock pose, got Eternity just chillin’ in the background. So cool. 2. How cool is Adam Warlock? 3. No surprise that 4/5 of the members […]

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Random Comic Book Fridays Are Back.

You miss it? As always, the deal is that I just enter the words “comic book” in the search field, with whatever settings I currently have going at the time, and post the first 2 things that come up (that aren’t ending in the next 30 seconds at least). Oddly enough, this week what came […]

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Top 100 Summer Comics #25

Wow, last quarter to go. Feel like we should get a good sprint to the end here. Let’s start with what I wouldn’t call a classic, or even a modern classic… but somehow a ’90s classic feels right. So that’s what this qualifies as. #25 – X-Men 25 I’m not going to lie, this issue […]

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