They’re Baaaackkkk…

I’ve posted about my love for the Suicide Squad on here before. It’s not a secret. But I only just recently got a chance to read the entirety of John Ostrander’s return to the title in the 8 issue “Raise the Flag” miniseries that came out in late 2007. And you know what? The man didn’t miss a beat.

Vintage SS on every level here, from the story behind Rick Flag’s return from the dead (sort of) to The General and The Thinker plotting against Amanda Waller, to Captain Boomerang Jr picking up right where his dad let off getting under Deadshot’s skin, to the return of one shot ex-Squadders like Plastique and William Hell and a of course a high body count and some limbs blown off by remote control… it’s like the Squad never left. And with a Suicide Squad video game getting announced at SDCC, hopefully another new series won’t be far behind.

Highest possible recommendation.

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