Top 100 Summer Comics #59

Incredible Hulk, Peter David, yadda yadda yadda, perfect match.

But what about the third wheel on this dream date?

Maybe you’ve heard of him. He’s gone on to do things like buy very expensive baseballs and stuff. He was a new guy. Hadn’t quite found his niche. But you know him as…

Todd McFarlane.

#59 – Incredible Hulk 331

And what an interesting debut it is. Peter David is in a full on Claremont-ian dialogue dump, and Young McFarlane is miles away from what he would become even a few issues into this run. From what I’ve read in various trades and accounts, NO ONE wanted to write the Hulk. David took it as a “yeah, sure. I’ll do that.” gig, no clandestine plan behind it. And McFarlane was considered a potential but somewhat unruly artist who’s story telling ability was poor at best.

Peter David went onto write some 100+ issues of the Hulk. This McFarlane guy went on to create something named “Spawn” which is to see he made the most successful Batman-meets-Spiderman ripoff ever.

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