Shhhh. It’s A Secret.

As I’m sure we all know, one of the best ongoing titles coming out right now is DC’s Secret Six. I absolutely love that comic, in part because it’s almost a sequel series to Suicide Squad (John Ostrander (who wrote SS) has even worked on an issue of S6 here and there) but mainly because Gail Simone is one of the best writers around right now. But this post isn’t about that Secret Six. It’s about THIS Secret Six:

Or, to be more specific, it’s about the artists of the original Secret Six: Frank Springer (issues 1 & 2) and Jack Sparling (issues 3-7). Two of the best kept secrets in comics, if you ask me. Between the two of them they worked on almost every comic property you can think of up on through the late 80s.

(the above is for a full 7 page story illustrated by Sparling for Fighting Fronts #5, so if you want a quick mid-afternoon read, be sure to click the pic)

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