Top 100 Summer Comics #64

Jim Valentino and Rob Liefeld do their own spin on Wolverine.

But fortunately for readers, it wasn’t some strange Image crossover. It was contained in the pages of the classic WHAT IF.

Huge appreciation of this. Rob Liefeld’s finest hour? Maybe.

This issue is a great example of why Wolverine has been so hugely popular over the years. His character type is a chameleon. He was built to be a soldier, a ninja, a secret agent, a super hero, a science experiment. A victim, a villain, a hero. He fits so perfectly into any skin, any story. To be honest, his recent role as a full fledged every day hero has zero appeal to me. But here, as a soldier, or his “in continuity” adventures of the time as a secret agent / off radar type were right where he should be. Here’s to that.

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