Top 100 Summer Comics #68


I’m guilty. Been crazy at work. But got time for this post, and a big handful tomorrow. As many, many, many wise man have said…

Git ‘er dun. (I Cringed.)

#68 – Fantastic Four 554

It was all new. It was exciting. It was… the same old Fantastic Four. The team we have known for going on 50 years VERY soon. But after some ehh years (excluding the Waid / Weiringo team) the FF have had a lot of poorly directed storylines.

Mark Millar came in and kicked ass. (Full of puns today, I’m trying to rein them in.) He took the original recipe, stripped away all the superfluous nonsense and revitalized this series, even if it was just a brief run. This being the first issue really gave the gravity that while this was your father’s fantastic four, it was finally as sharp, fresh, and quick as the original series had been in 1963. It had all of the equatable (galactic implications x family conflict) needs without any of the (convoluted history x complicated family melodrama) failings that plague the series. The dialogue speaks volumes – it’s been at least 30 years since anyone’s written Mr. Fantastic as well as Millar did here.

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