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My Ann Nocenti worship post yesterday led me to take a closer look at her career. Fun fact I wasn’t aware of- she created Mojo, Marvel’s most confusing character. I thought maybe I didn’t understand the character because I’ve only picked up portions of his story. He bounces around the “X” end of the Marvel universe and I don’t read every one of those books. Perhaps his story seemed fractured to me because of my failure to have the million dollars needed to keep up with X-Men for the past 25 years.


This dude is wild. There is no understanding this guy. I just spent an hour on his wikipedia entry and feel like I’ve just returned from a wormhole that bent time and space into color and song. Even if you grasp his incredibly weird introduction, the path that he took under various writers is like wandering through a psych ward on a full moon.

If you like a challenge, start at the beginning. Mojo’s first appearance is Longshot issue 3. One pill makes you bigger…

Another fun fact: Ann Nocenti was an editor at High Times for a year. It all comes together.

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    I always thought Mojo was pretty cut and dry.

    An extra-dimensional being, Mojo is of a race of “former” humanoid beings that long lost their ability to move around on their own (either through poor evolution or just simple laziness of the whole species, thus use mechanics to move around. Think the fat humans off ‘Wall-E’ save instead of floating, its violently drawn mechanical spider legs) and control vast amounts of genetically produced clones. A majority of these clones (outside the ones that service and maintain these bulbous entities) are used in non-stop entertainment for their “TVs” which usually ends in horrible death for all slaves involved.

    Mojo’s character is just one of insanity, caused by eons of apathy and self-indulgance. He has obtained everything he wants in life in his own dimension (I assume all worlds have been concoured by him or his species in this realm) and sends his cronies out to snatch up things or beings in other dimensions for his amusement of collections. He has the mentality of a spoiled five year old, with the ruthlessness and cunning of any Roman Ceasar/Hitler.

    His existance as a whole is a blight on life everywhere, so when he actually travels outside his own spheres of influence (ie: travels to Earth) his mere presence causes living things to die. Grass, trees, cats, humans, all wither to ash by his touch.

    My honest opinion is that the author that penned Mojo’s character into being was making a social commentary of the way human beings are going. Mojos race are glued to TV sets most of the time. Sending down orders fom high above in their lofty towers. Completely unfeeling and uncaring of the world around them other than what they control. And they always want more. They are never satisfied with what they have. They plot and scheme against each other in the most horrible ways. Maybe she made him as a warning…. that humans actually have the potential to be this way and by satirizing this message, it would be an easier way to get the point across that this is where we are all going as a race of consumers, and that we must stop. Or end up as this fat monster of a being with no morals or soul.

    Or I could just be trippin’ balls here…. 😉

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