Boom: Instant Comic Collection.

I try not to swear on this site, but holy fn’ sh!t.

Over 20 boxes of comics, with a .98 cents starting bid. Wow. Including issues 1-24 of Miracleman. That’s right, a complete run of Miracleman. Double wow. It almost doesn’t even matter what else is in this massive lot of comics, that right there is money in the bank for the seller. In fact, I almost want to say he should be either focusing on that more in his description (it’s just kind of sandwiched in the middle of a GIGANTIC list of comics), or he should have listed them as a separate auction.

Shipping this is going to be the death of somebody, I just know it. Whether it’s the seller having a massive heart attack while packaging everything, or the buyer when he sees what’s left of his bank account, I haven’t decided yet… hopefully whoever wins lives close enough to go pick everything up. That’s gotta be preferable for both sides.

Whatever happens, this is definitely a COLOSSAL auction worth keeping an eye on.

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