Top 100 Summer Comics… #77

I try not to get too hyperbolic on things on here.

I know most of the time I fail miserably, primarily because I try to cull the crap and just give you stuff I love.

This will be slightly different, because I will allow myself to delve into some hyperbole with regards to a comic series and creative team that restored my faith in comic books.

#77 – Daredevil 62 (vol.2)

Bendis is applauded everywhere – his work on Daredevil is his best in my opinion. The tone and pace is perfect for the character, and much like Peter David nailed the X-Factor team in my last post, Bendis just killed Matt Murdock. Frank Miller level “got it”.

But the shining force here is Alex Maleev. The artist was born to draw a dark, street level comic book. What sets this issue apart in my mind was the visual of Maleev’s Black Widow. Not just a typically drawn beautiful woman – he drew her with a uniquely Post-Kremlin beauty that is awe inspiring.

I’ll stop there. I could keep going on… and on…

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