Own a Piece of Television Poker History…?

The poker fad of the past few years passed me by. I’m bad at it, find it boring to watch on television, and don’t have the money to blow sitting around overweight weirdos. But I do like Mini Marvels artist Chris Giarrusso. Something about his creator owned series G-Man is hypnotizing, which is high-flattery coming from me- I refuse to watch Lost because any depiction of adults that doesn’t include swearing is too fantastical for my tastes. Giarrusso’s book is the only “children’s” material I can get behind. Here I present to you the original art used for one of the cards in a deck featured on a televised poker tourney. That sentence was as clumsy as the idea of putting poker on television. Three of hearts, featuring G-Man. A cool piece for both Chris G fans and degenerate gamblers.

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