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Top 100 Summer Comics #51

I think you have to love that the premise of every Alpha Flight comic can be the same as a very bad joke. “So, a Canadian, a Midget, and a Magician walk into a…” Essentially, you have to suspend belief beyond the point of a man in a costume who can fly. Beyond human genome […]

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Top 100 Summer Comics #52

I’ve been thin on the posts this week, been crazy. But let me be brief on this one because I truly believe┬áthere’s not a whole lot that needs to be said. Especially with everyone buzzing about the THOR movie trailer, this is an issue that needs a mere three content comments to sell it. John […]

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Random Comic Book Friday Yo!

Today you can spend your money on a box o comix, or a middle of the road graded X-men #15, featuring the second appearance of the Sentinels. Odds on that issue turning up in the box o comix… probably not good.

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Movie Tie-Ins For Movies That Suck

The sad bastard children of the comics-to-film marketing landscape. These poor pieces of shit never had a chance. Take, for example, this ring. An exclusive promotional item you could only find at participating 7-11 stores, this item is a tie-in for the incredibly dull 1996 film The Phantom. Now, if you’re a big fan of […]

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Top 100 Summer Comics #53

Sometimes time travel stories suck. See – most stories featuring Bishop. But this one doesn’t suck. And guess what, it even features aforementioned chump, Bishop. I guess when the story involves Charles Xavier’s son traveling back in time to kill Magneto to fix everything, but then kills Xavier, even a lil’ Bishop won’t ruin the […]

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Top 100 Summer Comics #54

My anger towards Tony Stark has subsided. He’s actually a decent dude. Not the best hero, but isn’t that what the most intriguing always are? Ever wonder what the IRON MAN movie was based on, loosely? Well, this particular issue will probably ring true for you. Actually loved this issue when I picked it up […]

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Please Maintain Decorum While Bidding

Sometimes I feel irresponsible bringing certain auctions to light. The massive interest in the piece can cause a virtual stampede and often the bidding gets intense, sometimes even dangerous. This is such an auction. Here we have an unremarkable portrait of a d-list character, Squirrel Girl, penciled by a man I’ve never heard of. Please, […]

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Haberdasher Noize.

Only the Mad Hatter could find these cool. Only the Mad Hatter. And maybe Jughead.

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Back before Geoff Johns and Gail Simone were around to revitalize under appreciated characters, you went to one man: John Ostrander (and credit where credit is due, a good deal of said revitalizing was done hand in hand with his wife, the late Kim Yale). Their most notable revitalization of course was the turning of […]

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Swag Diego Comic Con.

Well, the San Diego Comic Con is over, which means it’s time for the goodies to start hitting eBay, be they freebies or limited edition collectors items that people are now trying to flip. First, we have this cute little Red Hood hood, a promo for DC’s soon to be released Batman: Under The Red […]

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