Plastic Man.

Talk about a character with unlimited toy potential. Even going back to the Super Powers line of the mid-80s, he was one of the coolest around. Sure, it was just a stretching neck, but when the rest of the line could only kick and punch, it makes for a coveted figure.

Heck, you can even go PAST the 80s, and into the late 70s:

That’s right, a Stretch Armstrong style Plas. Of course, these days there’s almost no way anyone could afford one, let alone risk trying to stretch him; it is 2010 after all. Fortunately, action figure accessories have caught with the variety of changes ol’ Plas can make, which leads us to exceptional toys like this San Diego Comic Con exclusive:

This one’s just in the pre-order stages right now, but man, just look at what you can do with this guy:

Definitely a cool, cool toy version of a cool, cool character.

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  1. xjasonx24
    Posted June 29, 2010 at 9:21 am | Permalink

    People always think I’m kidding when I say Plastic Man is one of my favorite super heroes ever, I know he’s not as heroic as Superman or as tragic as Martian Manhunter but there’s just something about him that I always wan to root for the guy…

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