Top 100 Summer Comics… #84

David Haller was always a lost soul.

I guess that happens when you are the son of Charles Xavier, who proved himself to be quite an absentee father.

Oh and by the way has dissociative identity disorder, or as they called it in the olden days, multiple personality disorder. And each of which comes with it’s own set of mutant powers.

Good luck, Cannonball…

#85 – New Mutants 26

Not necessarily an even fight. But the three issue story arc that kicks off here set the stage for Legion’s insanity to come. Which led to the Shadow King possessing him, and then being able to use his powers to control a whole slew of x-folks… and that eventually led to Legion’s attempt to right his wrongs in the Legion Quest. You know, the story that led to the best alternaverse storyline ever… the Age of Apocalypse. Sign up for the Sienkiewicz covers, and stick around for a pretty cool read.

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