For the Thrifty Zeck Aficionado

I’ve been on this “fantasy home wall hanging” kick lately where I pretend I have limitless resources and shop for items I’d like to frame and hang on the wall of the home I don’t yet own.

Unfortunately, having not been brought up rich, I always have it in the back of my head that I should find a thriftier version of whatever I’m looking at. Isn’t that depressing? Not even in my dreams can I splurge for ridiculously overpriced stuff.

Mike Zeck is one of my favorite artists. Could be an actual appreciation, could be nostalgia, but why over-think these things? I just like him. In my efforts to find an original Zeck piece, I waded through $3,000 items until this beauty appeared to me:

At $350 or best offer, that’s practically begging for a spot on my wall. Sure, it’s not his most well-known work. In fact, it’s not known at all. But it almost has more charm that way. Anyone can shell out big dollars for a classic, but it takes a connoisseur to sniff out that obscure throwaway piece that’s been lining a birdcage in someone’s attic for 25 years.

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