Beware, Surface Dwellers!

I like the details on this auction: “Uh, dunno. It’s cell animation, so it seems like it probably went to a cartoon… or something. It’s Sub-Mariner, so probably, like, a Sub-Mariner cartoon… or some shit.” While this is very likely exactly what they speculate it is (from the Sub-Mariner cartoon), this was clearly found while cleaning out a dead grand-uncle’s attic in preparation for an estate sale. That said, it’s a cool piece and potentially the sort of wall art you might want to transition into as you take down your unframed Emma Frost posters.

I could be alone here, but I really like Namor’s look in this piece. It’s somewhere between Prince of Atlantis and Beavis from “Beavis and Butthead”.

Ebay insider wisdom here: Because the origin of the piece can’t be verified, use the “Make Offer” button and see if you can’t get this for $100. At that point, even if you never go to the trouble of finding its credentials, it’s a steal.

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