Top 100 Summer Comics… #92

Not surprising to see Grant Morrison make the list here.

It didn’t take much to get me back into comic books in 1994/95. I was 13, lonely, and no girls wanted to talk to me. But in 2001, it was considerably harder. I had a lot of cool stuff going on, discovered music, vinyl records, and sports even heavier than before and on top of all that, had a lady in my life.

So my hat goes off to Grant Morrison. It was an issue of New X-Men (not this one) that got me back on the bus. My wallet hates you, but my brain loves you.

#92 – New X-Men #150

Though there were 4 excellent Marc Silvestri illustrated issues left of the Morrison run on New X-Men, this is the finale in my head. Jean Grey is killed by Magneto. Magneto is beheaded by Wolverine. All of this and much more. A classic issue – how long did it take for them to retcon much of it? About 5 issues. All of a sudden it wasn’t Magneto but “Xorn” disguised as Magneto disguised as Xorn? Huh? Bad form. However, this issue is a modern milestone. I remember being floored reading it, and that’s rare. Easily one of the best single issues of comic books this decade.

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