Top 100 Summer Comics… #94

I had to get in the way-back machine for this one.

And I can’t lie – I’ve never held an original copy of this book in my hands. But I have had the chance to read at least two separate reprints, and it looks just the same. Just without the yellow pages and worn spine. And I bet there’s some of you out there who’ve never read this story…

#94 – Amazing Spider-Man 1

A great story. Legitimately, this is one of the first Spider-Man stories I ever came in contact with, second to only one, and Spidey wasn’t even in that book. Strange. But this story resonates within the pages of every Peter Parker appearance I’ve seen since, and for that matter every Fantastic Four book as well. The characters are perfectly defined in this book, you have the wit and playfulness of Spider-Man meeting the respective intellect, emotion, strength, and sarcasm of Mr. Fantastic, the Invisible Woman, the Thing and the Human Torch.

It gave me an understanding before understanding was a word I really comprehended of what the human element of a super hero was. The Marvel way of comic books. This is a BIG story for me. So you need to check it out.

Annnnnd since most of you might not have the dough to plunk down for the original above, you can also catch the story collected here (and the next nine issues of Amazing Spider-Man and the first appearance from Amazing Fantasy #15) as well as for a much more affordable sum.

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