For the diehard Marc Silvestri fan…

I am a diehard Silvestri fan.

But not this diehard. Honestly, I would have to have a significant amount of the rest of the pages from this issue and attempting to collect the entire issue in original art.

Not that it’s a bad page, it’s not. But it’s missing some key elements.

1. Where’s Wolverine? Oh kind of down in the lower left.

2. Who the hell is Dr. Cornelius? Well, you and I might know, but someone walking into your house? Nah.

3. The least dynamic page layout ever.

4. No definitive “WOW” panel. Nothing stands out.

5. No real trademark style by the artist here.

While it’s still an original piece…. $675 is a bit much for me. Maybe not for you?

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