100 Days of Summer… #98

Sometimes a fill-in issue wasn’t a throw away. Though the concept is rare in the here and now, the fill-in issue was an often used trick of the trade to give creative teams a break and regroup, even catch up on work.

You could never tell when they were going to come out. Back in the pre-Previews world of comic book reading, sometimes they would drop right smack in the middle of an ongoing storyline. At times disorienting, it was generally a total bummer because the content was rushed and could even discard the current character development arcs that were being developed.

BUT… this was an exception.

#98- Fantastic Four 351

A stand alone issue to give Walt Simonson a much needed rest, this issue not only features some pretty early Mark Bagley art, but a killer self contained story by Dan Panosian, who if I’m not wrong went on to write the Image book Prophet for a heartbeat before he went on to a career as a penciller and inker. Strange – because I never thought much of Prophet, but the writing in this single issue is perfect. It has all the elements a good Fantastic Four story should have – larger than life, cosmic, and yet still found the essence of the very human members of the FF. Though I haven’t picked this issue up in well over a decade, it still stays with me as a great story. Must read for any FF fan.

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