Random Comic Book Fridays #1.

Just for kicks, I thought I’d start something new this week.

Random Comic Book Fridays.

Ysee, most of the time, I either have something I want to write about, or I just scroll through page after page of vintage comic book related items to try and find something nifty. As a result, far too often, I fail to actually post any comic book issues and let them stand for themselves.

So from here on out, for my first post on Fridays, I’m going to simply go to eBay, and enter the word “comic book” in the search field, and post the first two auctions that come up. Simple as that. Be they featured auctions, regular auctions, ending in less than a minute, doesn’t matter. Whatever my search settings happen to be set on at the time of my search, that’s the order they’re gonna come up in, and the first two are going up. It’s the luck of the draw.

This weeks random comics? Near mint copies of Adventure Comics #104 and Super Magician Comics #1.

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