100 Days of Summer Comics… #99

#99 – Avengers #303

Let me set this up. The Avengers are essentially Gilgamesh, Captain America, Thor, the Invisible Woman and Mr. Fantastic. Huh? Weird right? Well by the end of this issue, the Avengers are back on the good foot.

If you can’t tell, this issue has three things I’m a sucker for. One – the West Coast Avengers. Two – Nova and the Nova Corps. Three – Quasar. I kind of know both things are pretty wack. But I like them anyways, like that one lame friend who still makes fart jokes in front of girls in high school – sometimes you can’t believe you hang out with him, but you still do. This issue has all of those things and the kitchen sink. The Thing in full cragrock mode? Boom. Mr. Fantastic getting persnickety about being told what to do? Boom. A reenactment of David and Goliath starring Hawkeye and a giant SuperNova? BOOM!

All in all a romping good time and I am DYING for a collection of this era of the Avengers. Get this for $2 or less and enjoy.

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