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Those Who Forget The Past…

Remember in the 1960s, when DC Comics thought THIS was a good idea? No sexist star spangled bathing suit, no convoluted background… just a modern take on an iconic character. Remember how well that went? Even Gloria Steinem wanted the original version back. Well, this is Wonder Woman issue 600: What makes this issue notable, […]

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Rob Liefeld: Fraud or Victim?

Is it the artist’s fault if his work is inappropriately lauded? Is it his responsibility to stop the train and say, “hey, everyone, I’m not actually all that great”? Or is he just a man, and as such, given to bouts of self-aggrandizement and even greed? Here’s the thing: as a kid, I hated this […]

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The Swan and The Croc.

The Lion and the Unicorn. The Fox and the Crow. And then there’s the Swan and the Croc. Curt and Killer, respectively. Always been a fan of Curt Swan and the original gangster style Killer Croc. Both top notch pre-Crisis entities. To me Curt Swan is THE artist for Superman, in the same way Christopher […]

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Top 100 Summer Comics… #80

It’s always been a fun concept for writer’s to play with the powers of the Fantastic Four. Recently (well, relatively) Mark Waid and Mike Weiringo did a nice job of a Human Torch / Invisible Woman power swap. Well done, worked in the context of the story really well. But my favorite take on this […]

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You Won’t.

You won’t spend the $60 plus shipping to buy both of these: And then spend $25 plus shipping on these… …so you can USE them to color both the coloring books AND the cards that came with them. You won’t.

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Top 100 Summer Comics… #81

Considering there were two coastal Avenger teams, it made sense. The Avengers took care of all dangers to NYC and the surrounding northeastern area. The West Coast Avengers pretty much just hung out in Malibu and waited around for Iron Man to show up occasionally. That’s how Clint Barton roles. But how about the Upper […]

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This Would Look Pretty Good In A Frame.

Just my opinion. It’s an acetate (or maybe a lot of acetates? The description makes it hard to tell), but there’s no reason why it still won’t look nice once it’s properly matted and framed.

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I Want My Mummy.

Or in this case, mummies. 4 Mummies to be precise. Too bad it’s not May, this would have made a great Mother’s Day post… ah well.

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The Way You Control the Elements is Sexy

To me, Crystal has always been the “other” Inhuman. Sure, she’s part of the royal family, but she’s sort of second rung in terms of coolness. Lockjaw is a dog and he somehow manages to be more compelling than Crystal. This piece, by fantasy illustrator Mike Hoffman, is changing my perspective on the matter. I […]

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Ain’t No Fun Waiting’ Round To Be A Millionaire.

Especially when you look up comic book auctions on eBay all day long and get to watch auctions like these that you know are going to bring in some serious bank for both the seller and the buyer. This first auction is only at $76 right now, but given the spectacular condition, and the fact […]

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