Who just found 4 GWAR videos in a box in the trunk of his car?

THIS GUY. Scored them last fall when a bunch of us stumbled upon 4 giant cardboard boxes of old metal cassettes and vhs tapes in the lobby of a friends building. Apparently, there had been a blind metal-head postman living there (I swear this is true), and he left all this stuff when he moved out. So we ransacked it, took everything that was remotely good, and left the rest. All the cassettes ended up in the front seat, but the videos… well I literally forgot all about them until I was changing the taillight bulbs a couple hours ago and stumbled upon them.

SO in honor of that rediscovery, I give you this:

Slave-Pit Funnies.

Because the only way to make GWAR more cartoonish and ridiculous, is by letting them write and draw their own comic book.

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