Arthur Adams, Chapter 1: Deep Pockets

Great artists die hard.

I think like the great John Travolta, Arthur Adams had a lil’ bit of the Phoenix Force in his guts too. Because after being on the outskirts of mainstream comics for much of the 90’s, Arthur Adams has returned with the gusto he had in the 80’s, and then some.

I’d go as far as to say that his art has now reached the apex that it only hinted at back in his younger days – he has finally nailed down a high grade of consistency that is almost unmatched in not only it’s detail, but the nearly effortless energy it exudes. Like Michael Jordan and basketball, Arthur Adams was put on this planet to draw comic books.

To celebrate that, I decided to go with a dual post on Mr. Adams, and this will be for the higher end. So get out your checkbook (or paypal account) and get ready to bleed for these. But believe me – they’re worth every penny.

How can you go wrong with Colossus, Storm, and a giant magical dog? Trick question, you can’t.

A “new era” piece by Adams, this is from the recently published Ultimate X series. Getting a lot of attention from bidders already.

My favorite of the bunch, absolutely awesome recreation of the first appearance of Wolverine, from Incredible Hulk #181.

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