More Submariner!!!

Please excuse our Namor preoccupation here at ComicNoize.

He’s just that cool. Let’s talk about this, a vintage 1960’s Marvel poster featuring the man himself, Namor.

1. Can you picture someone tripping out in their garage, staring at this poster? It’s a little bit weird to think about this guy charging at you in the midst of an altered state of mind.

2. Imagine showing up at the house of your former high school crush, who’s now happily married with children, and just taking her out for a date. Now imagine that’s not a house, it’s a SKYSCRAPER. And you’ve done it so many times that you brawl the husband on the regular. And the wife still will go out for the night with you. She can’t deny the feelings. And you just revel in this. THAT’S HOW NAMOR ROLLS.

3. What’s with the cape in this poster??

4. He’s the King of Atlantis. And on top of that, he doesn’t have blue fins or prominent gills. He can throw on a suit and boom~ just a sharp looking dude with slight Euro trash leanings.

5. The first mutant. Currently he’s throwing the moves on Emma Frost, aka the blonde significant other of the leader of the X-Men. No bigs.

6. No, really. What’s with the cape?

7. He’s gone toe to toe with every hero in the known world – and still they come back to him in their time of need. And who is also one of his main “go-to” pals? Just Dr. Doom.

Namor rules, ok?

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