Daredevil by Joe Q.

A great piece of original art by the current editor in chief of Marvel.

If this was a little bit closer to my price range (say, 1500 or so dollars less…) I’d really think about it because this is an iconic level piece of original art. Why do I qualify it as that, you ask?

1. Notable run by notable artist. Joe Quesada’s stint on Daredevil (part of which include Kevin Smith as the writer / sidekick?) was amongst his most defining.

2. Prominence. This is as splash as a splash page will get. Daredevil is front and center and is done exactly how I imagine Joe Q’s Daredevil looks when I close my eyes. Good use of shadow, smooth style and somehow a hyper-realist style with uber smooth lines.  Not to be confused with the somewhat experimental style of his later Daredevil:Father miniseries.

3. Supporting character. Echo probably isn’t familiar to everyone who’s reading this, but she should be. One of the better Marvel characters in the past ten. Love the style here… oh ps, anyone catch the Black Widow in the background? There ya’ go…

Anyways, I could go on. This piece is crying for a frame and a true fan. Wish I had the cash grip for this right now…

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